Van Gogh x Marleen Ettema

Vincent painted his eyes in a variation of colors to show his emotions in his self-portraits. Eyes, the window to the soul, a reflection of who we are. Who are we - something we humans spend years trying to figure out. In this runway show and installation Marleen shows the high way of life.

The road we drive on, finding our identity not knowing at what point we’ll reach our destination. But even though this road is bumpy and insecure you’ll end up exactly where you’re supposed to be. What we all tend to forget is that you’re the one behind the steering wheel. You’re in full control when it comes down to driving the car, SO DRIVE THAT THING.

Dare to be yourself and speed up the limit when it comes down to accepting yourself. The car may crash, the engine may stop running but have faith in the process. The road of life is free and when that car crashes just lay there on the hood looking at the stars aiming for more. “I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dreams”. - Vincent Van Gogh

From the mind of Marleen Ettema in Collaboration with The Van Gogh Museum. A runway show, installation and video presented on Amsterdam Museumnight. Art by Ricardo is Hard, Chef hair Bastien Zorzetto, Chef Make-up Romy Legger @ House Of Orange Agency.